Dance with me, he said
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About: Scatgash, 22 years old, London girl currently residing in Bangor, North Wales.

The subconscious plays a more powerful role than we imagine...

Sarcastic, self-deprecating female, the world's most rubbish Mormon, vegetarian with a weakness for chicken nuggets, professional third wheel, bona fide hoarder.

I enjoy; chai tea, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, collecting 50ps, morning sex, nettle shampoo, friendship bracelets, LSD, Day of the Dead decorations, charity shops, spending the night snuggled up under a blanket and looking at the stars, psytrance, mushrooms, Adventure Time, baking various confections, cocaine, the world of Bioshock, long train journeys, tie dying, kisses on my nose, dancing, ketamine, Silent Hill, WWI literature, hearing the jingle of change in my cat purse, baggy jumpers, travel writing, MDMA kisses, nag champa incense, nature documentaries, the smell of wet grass, forest parties, days spent exploring, Marmite, Vice videos, pugs and Nikola Tesla.

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I'm fairly friendly, my ask is always open if you fancy a chat :3

For insight into my day to day ramblings:


why the hell did we all learn the exact words

"the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell"

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Anonymous asked: you are so incredibly helpful! thanks for your reply about DSA. i hope you're well and enjoying your degree!

That’s okay love! N’aww thank you, hope your application goes well :)

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My skirt is so pretty ahhhh

My skirt is so pretty ahhhh

Anonymous asked: Please don't take this the wrong way and do not feel obliged to answer, but what was the process of getting DSA like? I'm going to apply for it, but I was just wondering how it works exactly and what you are entitled to? Also, if it's not too personal why do you get DSA? sorrysorrysorry personal questions.

That’s alright! You fill out a form and send it off to the DSA people, with proof of your disability/learning difficulty (Like a letter from your GP) and then you’ll have an interview and assessment where they will work out what would best help you in university and what your condition entitles you to - this could range from mentoring sessions, dictaphones, people who take notes for you, extra time in exams, a laptop with specialised equipment installed (Like Dragon, Claroread, Inspiration) etc etc - I can’t speak for everyone as everyone is entitled to different things. I get DSA because I have Dsypraxia - this impacts my studies as I am very slow to take notes and my hand begins to hurt very quickly when I write things by hand - so DSA helped me by giving me a laptop with specialised software on it. My organisation skills and memory are also very poor because of my Dyspraxia so DSA paid for a mentor to help me out with organising my studies and keeping on top of things. I also have Dsycalculia - which is known colloquially as ‘Maths Dyslexia’, I struggle with things like basic arithmetic and abstract concepts such as space, weight and time - this impacts my studies massively as a big chunk of my degree is statistics based. DSA has helped me by paying for me to have one-on-one maths support every week, without this, I definitely think that I would’ve dropped out of university by now. DSA has helped me massively during my time at university and if you need the help, it is well worth applying for.

Definitely don’t look like myself today
Pretty cherry blossom shirt is awesome tho

Definitely don’t look like myself today

Pretty cherry blossom shirt is awesome tho

  • Teacher:How much is a gram?
  • Me:Shit, Depends on what you want..
Stop cuts to funding for disabled and dyslexic students - e-petitions

Please sign this, I know from personal experience how much the DSA helps me with aspects of university life - this is probably true for a lot of you in the UK.

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Robins most fave ever

Not even joking, this film changed my life.

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My favorite part of the house

Plants my boyfriend bought, candles and candleholders from thrift shops, found the stones and bones.

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