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About: Scatgash, 22 years old, London girl currently residing in Bangor, North Wales.

The subconscious plays a more powerful role than we imagine...

Sarcastic, self-deprecating female, the world's most rubbish Mormon, vegetarian with a weakness for chicken nuggets, professional third wheel, bona fide hoarder.

I enjoy; chai tea, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, collecting 50ps, morning sex, nettle shampoo, friendship bracelets, LSD, Day of the Dead decorations, charity shops, spending the night snuggled up under a blanket and looking at the stars, psytrance, mushrooms, Adventure Time, baking various confections, cocaine, the world of Bioshock, long train journeys, tie dying, kisses on my nose, dancing, ketamine, Silent Hill, WWI literature, hearing the jingle of change in my cat purse, baggy jumpers, travel writing, MDMA kisses, nag champa incense, nature documentaries, the smell of wet grass, forest parties, days spent exploring, Marmite, Vice videos, pugs and Nikola Tesla.

Congratulations if you read this far!

I'm fairly friendly, my ask is always open if you fancy a chat :3

For insight into my day to day ramblings:

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    & so happy about it :D WOW! BEST thing to ever happen to me & my family. curious?? ASK ME!
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